Monday, July 14, 2008

Free Dark Knight/ Batman ticket!

I saw an ad on my weekly Albertsons ads and I decide to test it. The ad says “free 2 movie tickets with purchase of 10 General Mills products”. When i check the products price…all of them shows $2.50 or $2. So at the end the maximum you’ll spend is $25. The 2 free movie tickets can be redeemed up to $25.50 on Fandango.
So here’s how i got the free movie tickets which i’m planning to use it to watch The Dark Knight on Imax!!!
1. Purchase 10 general mills product in one visit at your local groceries store (please double check your local Albertsons weekly ads by going to to see which items you can purchase.)2. After you paid you suppose to receive a coupon with the code for the free movie tickets. Please don’t forget this part or else the person who found your coupon will be the lucky recipient :).3. Log on to and choose redeem for movie tickets4. Select your movie, movie time and theatre.5 Redeem your coupon code and voila there goes your free movie tickets!6.Pay for any extra fee with your credit card(since i’m using it for Imax it’s over $25.50 for 2)7. You can use the money you save to pay for gas, popcorn and drinks …since it’s going to be a two and half hour movie!8. Share us your experience and when and where you gonna watch your Batman movie!!!9. Please don’t forget to eat the foods your purchase… Alright enjoy your free movie tickets and see you at the movies.


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